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I personally cut for about RuneScape

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The fury appears to be the best of both worlds as it retains the same assault, but halves the str gap, making it much more viable in all scenarios. Together with the extra prayer and 15 protection to everything, its no wonder its in the millions. All of us dont have that money, and also furys are so shaky that im not very comfortable holding one (even tho I am now) so I wish to hear what you think... What do you guys think? Is it true that the glory constantly the str ammy? Are there other scenarios besides pc where the str ammy may shine?

Well, I personally cut for about an hour a day, and got from 80-99 in about three months. You are going to be playing a ton, however, so within 26-35 days. I am sorry but I don't agree with this at all, albeit I'm only 91 woodcutting, but I timed myself for 1 hour without even going afk and I got around 77k.... In accordance with your table I should have gotten 93k.... About the lowest I could get, and I afk, is 60k exp an hour. And then other hours I've gotten around 103k exp an hour. 3-4 months is a secure estimate at your own speed. If you get tired you can always do Stealing Creation for Hatchets which give double exp. As for the Firemaking question, The typical facsimile burned is 1000. So it will take 100 hours or less.

I literally got my fire cape back this afternoon, so I will provide you a couple tips. 1 ranging potion, only use 2 doses prior to jad or all 4 in jad. Switch helm to neitiznot or veracs. Legs to either prossy or verac. Boots to rune or dragon. Now so far as strategy goes, trapping the 180's on either the 360's or the 45's is a principal priority.

The other one is killing the 90's. Try to kill the 22's as soon as possible cause they drain prayer. Hardest waves are 53-60, which will be when the 360/180/90 trio comes out. The trick is to first find the 90 and move behind it, kill it, and operate around the 360 or to either dragon/italy rock and trap the 180 whilst murdering the 360.

Once you get into jad, brew/sup up to complete stats in addition to a ranging pot, and flip on variety pray. If he hits you, your first priority is to determine which attack he is doing , and only brew/sup/range pot between prayer switches. If it comes to the healers, you ought to be praying eagle eye/steel skin and you either tank them or kill them one by one. The latter is easier as much as time wise but potentially more dangerous. Good luck.

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