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I believe RuneScape Wiki has a spreadsheet

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If I were to wait for a week or two, bonds would likely rise and go over 8m each. I can even see them going for mid 9s near Xmas. That would imply I have hoarded up what potentially worth over 100M in bonds. I was wondering if I need to keep working on my aim of Premier Membership, or if I should sell my trades and buy an Ascension Crossbow, an item I have always desired. Plus, while bonds will be rising, I hear that the crossbow will probably be falling in price, and may actually hit the low 100s of mils.

I'm biased as fk in regards to material this due to the sort of RuneScape player I am. I didn't bother purchasing the premier membership this season because I believed it was useless, but it's wonderful to get the extra daily Treasure Hunter key sure but it's nothing fantastic + everything else is just meh. If they left it so you could select the colour of the celebrity then perhaps, but they did not and I don't particularly like blue stars. Plus I'd no intention of using the special worlds the members together with premier membership get, I just actually use W71 and W33.

Barrows gear is great, but should you die, the things degrade to 0, and fixing becomes expensive. I'd suggest looking into Dragonrider gear; it's hybrid (meaning you'll be able to use it while training all three combat designs ) and the whole set provides a prayer bonus of +46 roughly.

The Elder Kiln provides you the Tokkul-Zo ring, capable of teleporting you directly to a lender and a fairy ring. In case you do Fairy Tale part 3 as well as also The Elder Kiln, you can reach most places in RuneScape in seconds. I'd say complete Shilo Village and go to Duradel. When you strike 75 slayer, visit Kuradal from the Ancient Cavern, then move to Morvran to your final few levels. In terms of herbs, I believe RuneScape Wiki has a spreadsheet with the best herb to now do. Normally, snapdragons, toadflax and ranarr are safe choices.

I suggest you concentrate on Slayer for now; it's profitable (more so at higher levels, but nevertheless profitable) and you train the majority of your skills while slaying. I also propose obtaining 80 dungeoneering for a Chaotic. Until then, try to get 70 attack to get a Whip. Last, I suggest that you do some quests today. A good deal of your abilities are low, and the xp rewards will help you bypass a few training. And glad to hear you have got membership!

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