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Rsgoldfast - you can use the Magic prayer protection

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Of course, you can use the Magic prayer protection, But as soon Nemesis sees that you with Prayer protection following a few hit Nemesis, it's going quit using wind attack and start using Energy drain (Green powders upon your teammates, Draining up to 50 Prayerpoints per 5 minutes ) Although you and your teammates can stop it by Attacking Nemesis hard with no hitting you draining your prayer points.

If it gets to 1000 Hp, it's going stop using Energy drain and break it wings, getting on the floor for ultimate Melee battle. Nemesis does not walkIt runs very fast (probably 2x your Running speed) and begin attacking you with a Slash attack every teammate, Hiting around 60. (It will change to another goal as Nemesis hits) You can still use Melee prayer protection if you still have any after Nemesis' Energy drain.

When it gets to 600 Hp, Nemesis will get off the floor using its wings and start looking for a Goal to attack together with the 2nd Hardest part of Nemesis' power. When it finds a goal (teammate) It'll fly fast and grasp among your teammates and begin a Time limitation. You and your Teammates must hit 100 Hitpoints before 15 Seconds is up, If you do not make it, The person that has been gripped from the horrible monster will be banished (One hit kill) back into lummy. Nemesis will repeat again using a new teammate to grip.

As it (hopefully) gets to 300 Hp, you are going to be facing the most hard part. There'll be an additional cut-scene as you get Nemesis' Healthpoint into 300: Nemesis will drop to the floor and it will get really angry by pounding the floor. Its wing will start broad and get started flying bigger and swirl around to your own team and get started charging a Dark ball.

You will see two shadowy stairs for melee fight against Nemesis. You can use Ranged or mage in the ground to squander time. Nemesis will not be attacking you so you can get near it and strike it since it'll be busy charging a ball that is Dark. If you make it in time, Nemesis will fall and drop 1 Gp (jk). Well that is it. I need a Reward idea or something. I hope you guys like my idea however.

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