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Advance Concentration (QSR) Yoga & Dhyan

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Buy Now: Details: Advance level, ESP Enhancement Program is the program to enhance the perceived ability of ultra-right-brain five senses, the super perception in the right brain and it has the uncanny ability. With the 90 days training plus some revision practice children might have the ability for tactile force (psychometric), clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, and precognition.
Content of Program-: Theory Part – Practical Part about attention deficit disorder (ADD) along with extra sensory perception skill

Right Brain Education
What are “right-brain” abilities?
How can we access the right brain?
How the brain develops in a left-brain society
How the brain develops in a whole-brain society
Right Brain Education program steps
Right Brain Education is a rewarding experience
What are the six senses? Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste, Resonance
What are the six stages? Image, Flash, Listen, Talk, Track, Move
The twelve accelerated learning techniques
Right brain builders
Corpus callosum “bridge” builders
The learning triangle
Creating your environment
Teacher + Environment + Materials = Success

Revision of Basic Program
Identifying Color, UNO Cards Under Cover with touch
Identifying Color, UNO Cards Under Cover without touch
Reading words and Sentences Under Cover without touch
Reverse UNO Card Reading
Telepathy – Reading Numbers
Telekinesis – Moving coin, Flipping Dice (Optional)
Childhood doctor – Healing disease

Students Demo: Several Students achieved WORLD RECORDS after attending this program see videos using given links below.

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