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Psychometric Brain Analyser cum Counsellor

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Free Franchise – Become Govt. certified Psychometric Brain Analyser cum Counsellor

Benefits of Program

Self Awareness and Career guidance
Identification of strengths and weakness of any individual
Source of social contribution through psychological understanding
Helpful to understand the behavior and attitude of students
Relationship Management through a better understanding


What is Multiple Intelligences?
How can Multiple Intelligence be helpful to parents and teachers?
Different ways to do the intelligence assessment of an individual.
Advantages and disadvantages of each assessment method.
Characteristics of each intelligence.
The suggested way of learning for each type of intelligence.
Functions of the human brain.
Understanding of different parts of the human brain.
Understanding different quotients, other than IQ. (EQ, AQ, CQ & VQ).
Importance of understanding psychology (especially child psychology) in today’s education.
How to help parents & kids to select the right field of education.
A different way of learning (Visual, Kinesthetic & Auditory)
How to identify each learning style and intelligence?
Application of each intelligence in day to day life.

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