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We have programs for Awareness, Preventive Health Trainings, and Products. Members can contact online for any assistance related to their health. Users will get a Diet and Nutrition Guide to maintain good health and lead a happy life. Our organization is working in the field of Preventive health special training and medical camps in remote areas of our country.

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    To get your Mind & Body Together

    “Stress and Depression have become silent killers. Yoga offers a solution to these ailments”. Yoga is one of the greatest philosophies of India. The purpose of Yoga is to strive for the independence of the unity between body and soul. To achieve this goal, we must overcome our thoughts and feelings by strengthening the willpower and thus control our body when to achieve this level of Yoga philosophy, one can easily move any part of one’s body from the main point to another without feeling pain. In such a state of mind, feeling heat, cold and pain is a meaningless pleasure. This was part of the philosophy of Yoga. Your yoga lovers, achieve this in the yoga page table with successive exercises.

    My dearest beginner’s / Practices / Yogis / Yoginis who doing Yoga in the world Yoga Physical Therapy coming from connected to the Solar Energy and Loner energy I did invent of Dan Asana and breathing methods including breathing meditation. Dan asana It is the exercise of meditation and self-control over the entire body. To fill the mind with relaxation and peace, to put the body in good physical form, and to maintain the best of good health working together to align everything into one cosmic body, Dan asana is to judge the peace of mind/ Love/happiness’/healthy brain healthy body with 37.2 trillion cells. Important is all to keep you younger than other Normal people with love and peace of mind.

    About the Mentor

    Dr. Yogi Daniel Park

    Dr. Yogi Daniel Park from South Korea is one of the most famous Yoga Guru in the world. He has invented 72 Yoga techniques for breathing, meditation, Yoga Physical therapy, and 3,500 new asanas.

    The benefits of physical Yoga therapy are as bellow:

    Get yoga physical therapy treatment for Paralysis / Stroke, Parkinson’s / Spinal cord injuries / Low Back Pain, Shoulder pain / Neck pain / Osteoarthritis Pain Ligament Tears Pain, Knee Pain / Joint Pain, Abdominal problems, and many more.

  • Keep all cells healthy with Balance Body & Mind
  • Increases Energy and Improve circulation
  • Stretch and Strengthens Arms, Shoulders, Chest, Back, and Abdomen
  • Stretch waist. and sides of the body
  • Secure the Automatic nervous system
  • Helps to became strong limbers the spine and helps for an abdominal problem
  • Helped with all kind of physical and Mental Problems including

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