Mastermind Scholarship Program - Chance to win 1 Crore Scholarship

  • 100 Countries to Participate

  • Age Group - 5 Years to 60 Years

  • 1 Billion Students Pool

  • INR 100 Crore Scholarship Prizes

  • Training Development

  • Contests Rewards

MEMORY OLYMPIAD Scholarship Prize Distribution

  • Top 10 Winners will get - Scholarship of 1 Crore each.

  • Top 1000 Winners will get - Scholarship of 1 Lakh each.

  • Top 10000 Winners will get - Scholarship of 10,000 each.

  • Top 1 Lakh Winners in the Mastermind App will get Advanced Paid Programs Workshop Coupons worth Rs. 1,00,000/- for Free (TC Apply).

  • 30 Crore out of 100 Crore will be awarded to Top winners.

  • 70 Crore will be awarded to regular users of Mastermind-App who will participate in online contests held on a regular basis and users will get rewards and scholarships based on their performances.

  • Regular contestants of App will receive special Rewards based on their performance.

HOW TO JOIN - Mastermind Scholarship Program -The Biggest Scholarship Exam ever.

Adopt a Tree for 3 Years to unlock Scholarship Offer. Only users who adopted and planted a Tree can get the benefit of this Program.

Buy Memory Books Pack @ Just ₹ 600/-. Get soft copy pack at Rs 600 and hard copy at Rs 900, and get first free training pass worth Rs. 10,000/- (TC Apply).

Buy Mastermind App @ Just ₹ 3000/- (Memory Olympiad Digital Content Pack with 6 Level Workshop Coupons Worth Rs. 60,000/-.) Neuroscience and Meta Skills development training to improve concentration, memory, reading, writing, focus, and productivity.

Early User Benefits

  • First 10 Lakh Students will get Mastermind App - Memory Olympiad Digital Content Pack with 6 Level Workshop Coupons Worth Rs. 60,000/-for Free (Save 3000/- TC Apply).

  • First 10 Lakh Students will get Special Scholarship up to Rs. 60,000/- (TC Apply).

Note: Scholarship will be given when each level below each student is completed by the automatic system successfully. The institution is giving this scholarship from its income, which is based solely on registration. If for some reason the level is not complete, the institution is not bound to give a scholarship. On every Scholarship/ Honorarium: 5% TDS + 5% ADMIN CHARGES would be there. 10% extra would be deducted and added to the donation wallet. From this payment 10 underprivileged kids will be sponsored in the same program for their welfare.

Other Benefits

  • Students will receive guidance from our Expert Team throughout their Academic career. At IBRI we are a group of professionals engaged to develop and promote various neuroscience related skill programs, these include international trainers, speakers, scientists, researchers, inventors, authors, and motivators. All are experts of different fields holding a lot of World Records in their fields having international status. All our trainers are internationally recognized public figures. Currently, we have more than 30 International trainers working with our IBRI Brain Research Cell.

  • Students will get the chance to set or break world records under the guidance of our expert team.

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