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Start your new career as a social entrepreneur. Think strategically and enjoy launching your new products or services.

It is a very common question that Who is a Social Entrepreneur!

It’s better to run a mission-driven business to fulfill financial, educational and health-related issues and social needs of everyone. Social entrepreneurship delivers solutions where markets, governments, and non-profit organizations alone might fail. Social enterprises are largely sustainable “business” models for good earnings and making a difference.


We focus on scholastic development, personal growth, and ethical enrichment of our members

  • Think strategically and follow strategic modelling
  • Confidently make strategic choices
  • Know what great leaders know and do
  • Understand social values and principles
  • Lead a Social Enterprise with a legal structure
  • Be aware of good practice in social enterprises
  • Develop an understanding of the social enterprise
  • Learn how international social enterprises work
  • Learn how to measure social impact

  • Financial growth via a combination
    of social and business activities

    Join the largest group of companies and explore enormous job and business opportunities. Members will also get the opportunity to promote brand, business, projects, campaigns, and miscellaneous services through Team Rakshak Pan India Network.

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