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About Nicely Life Foundation

The Nicely Life Foundation is a Section 8 institution registered under the Companies Act 2013, a social undertaking by the Nicely Group. This foundation has its own pre-determined goals and missions such as Save Environment, Child Welfare, Brain Development, and Social Entrepreneur. Apart from this, this institution also does many other activities for social welfare. Our goal is to create a team of one billion people who will adopt a tree and serve it and take care of the environment. This institution is providing free neuroscience and skill development training to improve concentration, memory, reading, writing, focus, and productivity of all students and offering a chance to win 1 Crore Scholarship Prize through its Mastermind Scholarship Program - The Biggest Scholarship Exam ever. for more info please visit www.ibri.in

Nicely Life Foundation initiated digitally empowered one stop support solution to all services like Government to Citizen Service (G2C), Business to Citizen Service (B2C), Business to Business Service (B2B) and Employment projects acting as a front-end support centre and services provider for Government, private and social sector services to all rural & urban citizens of India by connecting them through its digitally empowered platform (www.nicelyapp.com) providing One Stop Digital Platform where you can gain access to various services related to Government, Banking, Insurance, Retail Sectors, E¬commerce Sector, Education, Publication, Media & News, Social Media, Employment, Software Solution, MDN Services, Software - Development & Data Security. Our Registered members can take the benefit of various free and paid services via this platform. Members can also share information, communicate with friends, groups, help each other via Donation funding.